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    Viu Bé was created with the aim and will to make available/deliver natural products in/to the homes of all consumers that would like to benefit from eating healthy foods with guaranteed biological/organic certification.

    Viu Bé aims to reach all publics that to date, were unaware of the existence of organic products . We would like these products to be easily accessible to all consumers.

    Viu Bé breeds organic chickens in compliance with all of the European Union's sanitary and organic regulations, also under the guarantee of the Catalan Council of Organic Productions (Consell Català de Producció Agrària Ecològica . CCPAE)

    Viu Bé would like to be present in the most accesible points of sale in order to give the oppportunity to enjoy of natural meat at the most affordable prices.

    For many years to come, Viu Bé!